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Visit us at Lochend Road, Gartcosh, Glasgow

Creative Gardens


Bedding plants

We have a comprehensive range of bedding plants for you to choose from. Whether its for your rockery, borders or hanging baskets – we have something for everyone.

For your golfing friends

We have a range of garden ornaments to compliment any garden. Be it fun signs, traditional garden ornaments or something that little bit different.

Little extras

Visiting our garden centre is a shopping experience. Apart from having everything for your garden we have a selecting of toys and gifts and the little extra from Mrs Bridges.

Centre Piece

Flower arrangements can make an ideal centre piece for dining rooms, patio furniture and the focal point for any table arrangement.

Heathers & Shrubs

The perfect solution to create attractive borders and bring a diverse scale to your borders and arrangements.


Surfinias are great in hanging baskets and patio containers and will produce a cascade of colour before long. The key to success is regular feeding (once a week) and regular deadheading of faded flowers.

Minature Roses

Miniature roses are great for pretty borders and low hedges in a sunny garden. You can also grow them in large tubs and hanging baskets to add colour to sunny patios and balconies.

Home Grown Lettuce

Nothing can beat home grown fruit and vegetables. You can start small with a few of your favourite items and scale up when you choose. We have everything in store to get you started.

Cactus and Succulents

This plant group is extremely vast and diverse, from the very small and intricate to the striking and architectural. There is a cactus or succulent to suit everyone, whether young or old. Pop in and we can discuss what one suits you best.

About Us

Welcome to Lochend Garden Centre. We are located on the north side of Gartcosh Loch and take pleasure in enjoying the marvellous views every day. We are an independent garden centre and grow most of our plants ourselves.

We have fruit trees, ornamental trees, a diverse collection of shrubs, bedding, perennials, vegetable plants and fruit bearing plants. We are closed on Wednesdays and open every other day from 10am to 4pm. Please feel to pop in, even if you are only looking for advice.

Contact Info

We would be happy to answer any questions .


Lochend Garden Centre
Lochend Road, Gartcosh
Glasgow, United Kingdom

07538 105246


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